Monday, March 28, 2011

Integrated Physicians Databases

Integrated physicians database gives you access to physicians across United States. The database has contact details of physicians/practitioners with different specialties.

Cardiologists Database ;Anesthesiologists Database ; Dermatologists Database; Emergency Medicine Specialists Database; General Surgeons Database; Neurologists Database; Psychiatrists Database; Urologists Database; Pediatricians Database; Orthopedic Surgeons Database; Gynecologists Database; Diagnostic Radiologists Database; Ophthalmologists Database; Plastic Surgeons Database; Radiologists Database; Family Practitioners Database; Internists Database; Dentists/Oral Surgeons Database; Other Physicians Database; Custom-Built Physicians Database.

The database can be used for marketing and advertising healthcare products, medical equipment, hospital supplies, publications, recruitment and other products of their interest.

The contact details available are real-time email addresses, phone number and postal address. You can launch online and offline campaigns to reach your target physicians.

Want to get a sample physicians list?


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