Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Healthcare Key Decision Makers

Healthcare Industry constitutes to more than 17.7% of the GDP of the US. This is an intricate number that is compelling most marketers to aim at Healthcare.

However, marketers are lashing into the market with vague marketing strategies. They only know their broader aim which is healthcare industry but they are failing to identify the niche group to be targeted to get actual results.

Healthcare Executive Lists can assist you with the perfect list such that you might need to get more valuable results.

Let’s consider you have equipment for cardiologists, now are you going to directly hit on cardiologists to buy your equipment? Nope that should not be your strategy unless and until you are aiming at the cardiologists who have set up private clinics.

NOW, who should you target? The Decision Makers in Hospitals, Clinics, Medical Laboratories, Medical Libraries, Medical Schools, Medical Colleges, Medical Universities, Nursing Homes, etc. You need to aim at the Presidents, CEOs, CMOs, VPs, Directors, CFO, Chief & Medical Staff.

If you are B2C marketer, you can always aim at the individual healthcare professionals like Cardiologists, Physicians, Oncologists, Dermatologists, Pharmacists, Anesthesiologists, Ophthalmologists, Radiologists, etc. BUT if you are a B2B marketer you ought to aim at the key decision makers of the medical firms.

Healthcare Executive Lists can you provide you with Mailing Lists of the Decision Makers of the healthcare industry. All you need to do to avail these lists is to sign up with us and we’ll get back to you with sample.

Try out our sample and buy from us only if you feel we can give you the results you are worth…


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