Sunday, January 10, 2010

ePatients- An important group for Healthcare Marketers

ePatients are health consumers that use the online media to gather information or treat a medical condition. The term includes people who seek information for their own purposes and the ones that look for information for their friends or relatives. ePatients have affirmed their status as an important group for healthcare marketers. For one, they are end users. They gather information to seek a solution for their ailments. Reaching them will definitely help healthcare marketers are they are ready buyers. The second reason is that they are easier to reach as they are readily available on social media networks and forums.

Now comes the main reason. The number of people looking for information on the internet are much higher than the ones who go directly to a doctor. Theu outsize the common ailing patient in this internet-centric world. SO, it's imperative that as a healthcare marketer, you target the ePatients with utmost importance. Reach them through social networks or emails.

Want to know more about reaching them more effectively? write to us. We will porvide you the right details to reach them effectively.



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