Wednesday, May 26, 2010

List of Hospitals

For a healthcare marketer, hospitals present the best possible market. A hospital in itself can be considered to be a market. With so many healthcare executives working in a single place, the chances to market your services are large. However, with the high attrition rates in the hospital industry, it's difficult to keep in touch with the executives on the move. This is where our updated Hospitals List will come to your aid. With the updated and complete contact details of the healthcare executives working across various hospitals, the list is a must-have for marketers. The list also has the complete list of hospitals across various localities. All you need to do is to specify the locality or the area that you want to cover with your marketing campaigns.

What's inside the list?

  • Hospital Name
  • Hospital Address, Phone number and Email id
  • Hospital fax Numbers by department
  • Clinics owned by the hospital
  • Contact information of all the executives
  • Size and Scope of the hospital
  • Parent Company and website
  • And More

Fill up this simple form to get a sample list.



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