Monday, February 27, 2012

Healthcare Technology Users Lists will surprise you

Wondering what has Technology to do with Healthcare? In the current world of technology, even Healthcare relies on technology to a great level. Healthcare industry is aided by many technologies like Epic, Cerner, NextGen, Heartland, etc. without which the Healthcare industry might get paralyzed.

Healthcare Executives Lists provides you the technology lists with which you can get in touch with users as well as the vendors of the technology. The Technology Users Lists include surgeons, physicians, ophthalmologists, dentists, pediatricians, dieticians, optometrists, opticians, therapists, etc.


The Technology Users Lists we provide are:
Epic Users Lists
Cerner Users Lists
NextGen Users Lists
Heartland Users Lists

We also avail lists that are custom built. With these lists you can get lists as per your requirements based on geography, demography, job title or any other aspect.  

Check out on our sample and see how our Technology Users Lists will surprise you!



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