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Ingredients of an Ideal Email Executive List

An ideal email executive list of a substantially big organization would contain five kinds of database. They are:
  • CIO (Chief Information Officer) Database
  • CFO (Chief Financial Officer) Database
  • CHRO Chief Human Resources Officers
  • CXOMD CXO Decision Maker Database
  • CMOD Chief Marketing Officers Database
CIO (Chief Information Officer) Database

The CIOs are responsible for facilitating state of the art IT resources in the organization. A good CIO list gives you scope to head for a niche market segment that you are targeting through email or direct mail. The CIOs plans and approve funds to be spent on information technology and services. CIO contact details are the most reliable source and means to shoot marketing messages to key decision makers with power of attorney to spend on IT resources. Such an database will come with such details as title, job function, industry, annual company revenues, geographic location, purchasing influence, and more.

CFO (Chief Financial Officer) Database

The CFOs are just the people to touch base with when it comes to selling your offerings. They are the financial decision makers. These contacts are indispensable for business-to-business e marketing campaigns. A sound email executive list should provide you email, direct mail phone and fax details of the CFOs.

(CHRO) Chief Human Resources Officers

This database contains contact details of executives in large corporations who are responsible for their company's recruitment. They have the final say in the hiring process. These individuals are chief honchos of their organization’s HR department. These executives figure out the human resource need in their organization and decide upon the number and type of hiring to be done in the organization.

(CXOMD ) CXO Decision Maker Database

The CXO Decision Maker Database is made of contact details of corporate leaders who are the decision makers of the organization. They have considerable clout over large budgets. When you need to contact the company’s officials at the highest level this the database for you.

(CMOD) Chief Marketing Officers Database

The CMO Database comprises the main marketing executives who have total authority to take the marketing decisions. They have fat marketing budgets in their hands and authority to allocate them. Generally speaking these executives read their own emails, making this database the perfect vehicle for real market penetration. Ideally an executive mailing list should be available in Excel format (csv) and contain company name, corporate website, contact name, title, department, address, phone, fax, email, sales revenues and number of employees.

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