Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Well Managed Marketing List: The Basic of a Successful Marketing Campaign

Most of time when asked about the important components of a successful marketing campaign, the answer is an well crafted message, client base, an enticing offer, a call to action and the right timing. But a crucial factor that is missing here is accurate addresses on your list. Backfiring on your mailing list can make an otherwise well-planned campaign fall flat.

Here are some tips to avoid such a failure:

Trim off the weeds

Scoop out only the potion of the contact details that you require for mailing. These days there are management software that does this export automatically. Just skip the phone numbers and other details that are not necessary for mailing. This ensures some accuracy during mailing.

Specify primary addresses

If you have multiple addresses than specify the primary ones that is the address you want to use primarily. Make proper columns to specify primary addresses and the other ones. Incase you need to use Customer IDs in the mailing, specify to your mailing list managing software about which fields to use.

Know the format to be used

The list generating software can do so in a variety of formats. If you are using the post always consult your mail house as to which format to use. They can tell you which format will be best manageable.

Figure out the delivery sequence

If you going to use the postal mail and the mails will be sent in chunks then specify the sequence of mails to your mailing service provider. For instance as to which states or customers should receive them first.

Register with CASS and NCOA

A major and a common shortcoming with a mailing list are typos errors. CASS stands for Coding Accuracy Support System that helps in removing such errors and it delivers your mail pieces to the right addresses and identify wrong addresses. NCOA refers to the National Change of Address service which keeps track whether the mail recipient has moved and updates the change of address.

Last but not the least are checking and rechecking about the data accuracy. Following the steps given above you can ensure maintenance of a clean list. A well managed clean list is an indispensable part of successful marketing campaign.

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